How much does Fetch by The Dodo pet insurance cost?

With Fetch, the average cost of pet insurance for dogs is $35/month, and the average cost of pet insurance for cats is $25/month. But those are just averages, so tell us about your pet and get your price now.

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Is Fetch pet insurance worth it?

If you’re looking for help with future vet bills, the answer is definitely yes. But if you’re at the vet with a sick or injured pet right now, it might not be worth it, at least for the condition your pet already has. Like other providers, we don’t cover pre-existing conditions.

So, what do we cover?

First of all, we cover more types of injuries and illnesses than other providers: everything from cuts and upset stomachs to ACL ruptures and heart disease.

But we also cover things that other providers charge extra for or don’t cover at all, like injury and illness in every tooth and gum, breed-specific issues (think breathing problems in Frenchies or kidney stones in Burmese), and even the exam fees you pay every time you go to the vet for a sick visit. And it’s all standard, no riders or add-ons required.

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What does “premium” mean?

Your premium is the amount you pay for your pet’s coverage. It’s just another way of saying how much pet insurance costs. You get to choose if you pay monthly, quarterly, or annually.

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How is my price determined?

Your price is based on three factors: age, breed and location.

Younger pets tend to cost less to insure than older ones, and since certain breeds of dogs and cats are prone to different medical issues, your pet’s breed can affect your price as well. Where you live also factors in, since the cost of veterinary care varies from place to place.

In case you’re wondering, here are a few things that don’t impact your pet insurance cost in any way when you sign up:

Your pet’s sex

Your pet’s medical/behavioral history

Your pet’s spay or neuter status

Your pet’s indoor or outdoor status

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Is there any way to adjust the cost of my policy?

Yes! After you get your price, there are three different factors you can customize to make sure your price fits your budget: your deductible, your max annual payout and your reimbursement rate.

Your deductible is the amount of vet care you need to pay for yourself before we can reimburse you for claims. Choosing a higher deductible will make your price lower.

Your max annual payout is the maximum dollar amount you can be paid back each year. Choosing a lower max annual payout will make your price lower.

Your reimbursement rate is the percentage of an approved claim total that we can cover. You can choose 70%, 80% or 90%. Choosing a lower reimbursement rate will make your price lower.

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How do I choose the right deductible, max annual payout and reimbursement rate?

Choosing the right policy configuration is all about finding a sweet spot where the value is right for you and your pet.

For example, let’s say you have a young, healthy puppy. You might want to choose a low deductible (say $250) along with a low max annual payout ($5,000). That way you start getting paid out quickly, and your policy would be well-suited to protect you against minor bumps and bruises.

But if you have an older pet, or even just one where you’re worried about large vet bills, you might want to go with a high deductible (the vet bills will be expensive anyway, so a $500 deductible won’t be hard to reach) along with a high max annual payout ($15,000 or even unlimited). You’d be prepared for a very large vet bill instead of a handful of small ones.

Does that make sense? Insurance can be a little confusing, so to learn more about how reimbursement works, check out our claims page.

But remember: No matter what kind of policy configuration you choose, you still get the most comprehensive coverage in the industry. You and your pet deserve the very best — and that’s what our one simple plan gives you, no matter how much you choose to pay.

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