Fetch Pet Insurance vs. Lemonade
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Protecting your pet isn’t like protecting your apartment.

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Unlike Lemonade, Fetch specializes in protecting your pets

Fetch works exclusively in the pet industry and protects over 300,000 pets with the most comprehensive coverage.

Unlike Lemonade, Fetch’s extras don’t cost extra, including:

The complete sick visit, including exam fees — saving you on average $50-$250 per appointment. Lemonade doesn’t cover this.

Up to $1,000 in virtual vet visits (video chat, call or text). Lemonade can’t offer you that.

Up to $1,000 in behavioral therapy and medicine, unlike Lemonade.

Up to $1,000 in boarding fees should you require hospitalization for 4 days or more. Lemonade doesn’t do that.

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Lemonade only covers some states. Fetch covers all of the U.S. and most of Canada.

Fetch covers cats, dogs and pet parents in all 50 states and most of Canada. No matter where you live, travel or move to in the U.S. — we have you covered.

Lemonade is not available in 14 states or Canada. If you move to one of these places, your policy will be cancelled, you’ll have to find a new provider and anything your pet’s been treated for will be considered a pre-existing condition, which other providers won't cover.

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Lemonade doesn’t cover holistic care. Fetch does.

Fetch covers physical therapy, acupuncture, hydrotherapy and chiropractic care all at no extra charge.

Lemonade’s plan does not cover any of these things unless you pay extra.

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Lemonade doesn’t cover every tooth. Fetch does.

Fetch protects all of your pet’s teeth (every adult tooth — not just the canines) from accidents, illnesses, injuries and diseases, with no broad condition exclusions.

Lemonade’s limited coverage only includes the extraction and reconstruction of damaged teeth caused by an accident.

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With Fetch’s one simple plan, you know exactly what’s covered

Fetch protects your pet against accidents and illnesses with one simple, comprehensive plan that’s easy to understand.

Lemonade’s complicated policies confused our insurance experts. Not even they could tell what was covered and what wasn’t.

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Unlike Lemonade, you can submit unlimited claims with Fetch

With Fetch there’s no limit to the claims you can submit after your 15-day waiting period has passed.

Lemonade will not cover the treatment if your pet’s behavior results in two claims within 18 months.

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With Fetch, your best friend isn’t just a bundle

With Fetch, your pet’s claim will never be delayed by other people’s damaged or stolen property claims. We only care about your best friend’s health.

Lemonade specializes in homeowner and renter insurance. Bundling your pet insurance policy may seem convenient, but it results in worse coverage for your best friend.

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Your plan options are limited with Lemonade

With Fetch, you can choose your deductible, copay and maximum annual payout. This gives you the freedom to customize a price that fits with your budget.

Lemonade only gives you three deductible choices: $100, $250 and $500.

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